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Mr Jack
March 19th, 2022
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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WinToBootic is a utility software that is capable of converting USB flash drives and hard drives to windows bootable drives. It’s lightweight and completely free to use and works on all Windows versions. Unlike other utilities, it only has one executable that can be extracted from a ZIP archive. It doesn’t require any additional tools to install which means the application is portable.

You will never know when your operating system will fail so it would be a wise and best practice to have a bootable drive with you. WinToBootic is straightforward functionalities will support users to create bootable USB flash drives or disks, utilizing information from different sources, similar to DVDs, nearby envelopes, or ISO images.

This utility is ideal for PC enthusiasts or repair technicians who often need to install a new OS. Aside from being able to create a full-fledged Windows To Go partition, WiNToBootic also creates bootable images for all modern Windows versions, including those based on the Windows NT operating system.

User-friendly interface

The interface operations are very user-friendly, even non-technical people also can identify the process. The utility comes with two main options: target and format a removable drive. and the second one is selecting a Windows installation kit.

Lightweight and protable

WinToBootic is a very lightweight software as it is less than 1MB. In order to use this, you just have to download WinToBootic to your computer, and it does not require an installation. You can keep the software on a portable device also. When you need it just plug it into your computer and load the application.

Support various Windows file types

WinToBootic creates bootable drives with all the versions of Windows operating systems available including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Vista. Allows choosing from any type of Windows install files like ISO Images, DVDs..etc.

What is WinToBootic?

WiNToBootic is a free utility software that allows you to make your USB flash or hard disk bootable with the windows operating system.

How to download WinToBootic?

WinToBootic is distributed online as a ZIP archive. So you can just download the file from Click on the download button on the top of the page and wait 10 seconds till you see download links then Click on the download WinToBootic link. It will be downloaded automatically.

Why do I need WinToBootic?

You will never know when will your computer fail. You may want to repair or boot your computer in order to get it up and running. So WinToBootic is an application that can help you to create a windows bootable drive easily and quickly using ISO/DVD/Folder that contains the Windows OS.

What are the Pros and Cons of WinToBootic?

✔WinToBootic can create Windows To Go boot drive from ISO image/ DVD/or any source that contains Windows OS.
✔Support various Windows versions.
✔Prable application

✔Can not format FAT32 drives to NTFS

How to make my USB bootable with WinToBootic?

WinToBootic is a user-friendly application that does not require any technical knowledge to use it. Since it is a portable application you can just download and open it.
❄ When you open the application it will ask you to select the drive and Windows OS
wintobootic download
❄ Then click on the “Do it!” button. It will do the rest.
download wintobootic

How do I know my USB is bootable?

It’s better to confirm the drive is bootable or not before you start booting your computer.
➳Select the USB drive and Right-click on it.
➳Select properties and select the “Volumes” tab in the opening window.
➳Then you will see a property called “Partition style” check that one.
If it is marked with some kind of boot flag it’s a bootable USB.


download WinToBootic is an opensource Windows utility application that can transform a USB or hard drive into a bootable drive. Application is lightweight and portable as it can be easily handled by even non-technical people.


This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system which is developed and distributed by Mr. Jack. All company names, product names, registered trademarks, and logos are the property of their respective owners.