Timed Shutdown


Schedule and set the Shutdown timer to your Windows PC.
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Tinnes Software
August 30th, 2022
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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Timed Shutdown is a free utility software that is designed let to schedule shutdown, sleep, hibernate, restart, or logoff your Windows computer.

This application will help you at a time like you are copieng some files and you want to shutdown after it finish copieng. You can schedule a shutdown to run after your PC finishes the task.

Also Suppose you are downloading large file and you cant wait till it finish and you want to shutdown your computer when it’s done. Timed Shutdown is the best choice for facing this kind of situations.

Timed Shutdown has a very easy to use self explaining interface and it will run in the background without affecting performance of your computer. If you are willing to abort the shutdown countdown you can easily open the application and abort it.

Regarding the download, Timed Shutdown is a small piece of software that takes up less space than the ordinary utility software package. Click here to download

Another main advantage is automate PC shutdowns can help you reduce energy consumption.


Timed Shutdown is a useful, simple program for automating PC shutdowns, Sleeps, LogOffs, and other tasks. Moreover this is a free Windows utility that can run on any Windows OS.