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April 12th, 2022
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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Nexus Root Toolkit is an application that is designed to unlock/ re-lock and root/ un-root android devices. Download Nexus Root Toolkit will automatically gather all of the files you need to unlock and root your android smartphone in a matter of clicks.

Nexus Root Toolkit will help you to backup/restore all your important data, set file permissions, flash zips, push and pull files, install apps, generate log cats/bug reports, Flash and Boot image files, …etc. It can also selectively download the files that are needed for your device. This version comes with full root support, which means it can install and root all the latest versions of Android.

With its included file association options, Nexus Root Toolkit download can perform various tasks like flashing zips, restoring Android backup files, and installing apps with ease. It also comes with a full-featured UI that enables users to quickly perform various tasks in TWRP.

It is possible to use all of the most recent official Android builds and Nexus devices. Intelligent and selective downloads of the files required for your device are carried out by the application, which ensures that you are utilizing the most recent versions of the files. Your device will be detected automatically, and the application will automatically create it. This update includes official Nougat support for the freshly published factory image packages, as well as a fast patch for Windows XP customers who are still using the previous version.

Auto-detect device and build

Nexus Root Toolkit Intelligently identifies your device and selectively downloads the files it needs for your device, the application ensures that you are utilizing the most recent versions of the files accessible.


A full-featured interface for automating tasks in TWRP enhanced restore features, an in-built auto-updater/notification system, “any build” mode, advanced restore features, “NRT- Live Log” for viewing the fast boot CMDs that are run in the background, quick tools utilities, and a utility set for merging custom builds are all included in Nexus Root Toolkit. Prop adjustments, as well as tools for capturing screenshots and screen recordings, are available.

Other than that it has features like,

  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Re-lock Bootloader
  • Restore/Upgrade/Downgrade to any android build
  • Backup & Restore SMS, Call Logs
  • Screen Recording
  • Flash zip files
  • Create Android Backup files

Supported Devices

  • Galaxy Nexus: GSM Models (both yakju and non-yakju builds)
  • Galaxy Nexus: CDMA/LTE Verizon Models
  • Galaxy Nexus: CDMA/LTE Sprint Models
  • Nexus S: Worldwide, i9020t, and i9023 Models
  • Nexus S: 850MHz, i9020a Models
  • Nexus S: Korea, m200 Models
  • Nexus S 4G: d720 Models
  • Nexus 7: Asus Tablet
  • Nexus 7 3G: Asus Tablet
  • Nexus 7 v2 (2013): Asus Tablet
  • Nexus 7 v2 (2013) LTE: Asus Tablet
  • Nexus 10: Samsung Tablet
  • Nexus 4: LG Phone
  • Nexus 5: LG Phone
  • Nexus 5X: LG Phone
  • Nexus 9: HTC Wifi Tablet
  • Nexus 9: HTC LTE Tablet
  • Nexus 6: Motorola Phone
  • Nexus 6P: Huawei Phone
  • Nexus Player: Google Device

How to download Nexus Root Toolkit for Windows?

  1. Click the download button at the top of the page.
  2. Then wait 10 seconds. You will then see the download link.
  3. Click the download link.
  4. Once Nexus Root Toolkit is downloaded, start and continue the installation.

Click here to download Nexus Root Toolkit.

How to install Nexus Root Toolkit for Windows?

  1. Wait until it is fully downloaded. Double click on the downloaded application.
  2. Follow the installation process.
  3. once the installation is completed restart your computer.
  4. Now you can click on the icon and run the application.

How to root/unlock your device with Nexus Root Toolkit?

  • Go to and download Nexus Root Toolkit for free and install the application once downloaded.
  • Then plugin your Nexus device using a USB cable to your computer.
  • Then run the Nexus Root Toolkit. It will ask you to “select the device” and “Select the current android build you use”. You can select both on your own or you can click on “Auto Detect Device + Build“.
    download Nexus Root Toolkit
  • You will then see a window that shows you dependencies, if the dependencies are not downloaded you can click on “Download+Update All file Dependencies”. When it is finished you will see the main Program of the application.
  • Here you can start the initial setup process by clicking the “Full Driver installation guide” option.
    Nexus Root Toolkit Download
  • Then select the Step3 tab on the opening window. And click on the “Google drive” installation solution.
    Now you are all set up and good to go.
  • The next step is to unlock your Bootloader.
    Note: This is going to wipe your all data, if you have important files make sure back them up before continuing.
  • Then on your android device enable the developer option Setting->Developer Options->check “USB Debugging”. Then click on the Unlock button and follow the steps.
  • Then unlock the Bootloader by clicking on “Unlock”- after that it will reboot your device and you will have to go back through the initial setup process.
    Note: make sure to enable the android developer option again.
    now that you are unlocked you have full control to customize flash files on your device.
  • Then navigate to the Advance utility option and select “Boot[karnel]” and then click on “No-force Encrypt” on the pop-up window.
    Nexus Root Toolkit For Windows
    again make sure to enable the developer option after the reboot.
  • Then you can root your device by clicking on “Root” and following the steps.
  • After that, you can recover your backed-up data.
    go to Advanced utilities and click on “launch”, then select recovery.
  • next, you have can select the latest TWRP.
  • After the last reboot, you are good to go with your device

How to uninstall Nexus Root Toolkit from Windows?

  1. Go to the Control Panel of your Windows computer.
  2. Click on programs and features.
  3. Find Avast Free Antivirus, then select it and right-click on it.
  4. Click on uninstall and confirm the action
  5. Open the roaming folder (press “Windows+R”) to delete app data.
  6. Then type “%AppData%” in the pop-up window and hit ENTER.
  7. Then it will open the Roaming folder.
  8. Select the Nexus Root Toolkit folder and delete it.


The goal of the download Nexus Root Toolkit is to provide a single solution for all of your Android device’s root, unlock, and backup needs. With this app, users can easily perform various tasks related to the various steps in the process of restoring and upgrading their devices.


This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system which is developed and distributed by WugFresh. All company names, product names, registered trademarks, and logos are the property of their respective owners.