McAfee Stinger

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March 17th, 2022
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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McAfee is an open-source, straightforward antivirus application that is designed to detect and remove viruses and malware. Download McAfee Stinger is a lightweight application that can keep your computer safe from external threats.

The latest version of the security software from McAfee Stinger features a next-generation scan engine. It can detect and remove threats that are hidden in the Advanced menu options. It is also capable of finding viruses in zip files and removing them. McAfee can identify over 3000 various viruses and malware though it is a lightweight application. This latest update contains a feature called Raptor which is capable of detecting malware that exploits unknown and unprotected vulnerabilities.

Since this application is portable, you can keep it on your computer drive or on a USB drive. And when you want to run the application you only need to load it. No installation will happen. It will create separate files and folders for your Windows PC to keep it running smoothly without using existing registries. It will also create reports and logs as it scans, though it should not take up too much space.

Easy to use

It can start scanning in seconds and will identify and remove various types of malicious software. After the scans are complete, it will give you a choice of how to handle the infected program. The enhanced detections feature is a set of fixes that have been added to the program to improve its performance and identify new variants. The program comes with a limited number of configuration options, but they can be very advanced to allow you to specify what the program will do when it discovers a virus. If you are an experienced user, however, you’ll find it useful.

How to download McAfee Stinger for Windows?

  1. Click the download button at the top of the page.
  2. Then wait 10 seconds. You will then see the download link.
  3. Click the download McAfee link.
  4. Once McAfee is downloaded, start and continuoue the installation.

How to install McAfee Stinger on Windows?

  1. Wait until it is fully downloaded. Double click on downloaded application.
  2. Follow the installation process.
  3. once the installation is completed restart your computer.
  4. Now you can click on the icon and run the appliaction.

How to use McAfee Stinger on Windows?

McAfee is a portable application. So you can keep it on your computer hard driver or another external USB. In order to run the application, you do not need any installation and just need to load the application by double-clicking on it.

download mcafee

While the scanning process will create a detailed report. So that users can identify what files contain viruses and malware. Also, it will allow you to manage the scanning process from various aspects.

Download McAfee Stinger

How to uninstall McAfee Stinger from Windows?

  1. Go to Control Panel of your Windows computer.
  2. Click on programs and features.
  3. Find McAfee, then select the it and right click on it.
  4. Click on uninstall and confirm the action
  5. Open the roaming folder (press “Windows+R”) to delete app data.
  6. Then type “%AppData%” in the pop up window and hit ENTER.
  7. Then it will open the Roaming folder.
  8. Selcet McAfee folder and delete it.


McAfee Stinger is a lightweight portable antivirus application that can detect and remove over 3000 various viruses and malware.


This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system which is developed and distributed by McAfee. All company names, product names, registered trademarks, and logos are the property of their respective owners.