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July 26th, 2022
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MAutoPitch is an automated tuning and pitch correction plugin that has a simple interface yet produces a fantastic sound. It was created for use with voices and other monophonic instruments. MAutoPitch download offers a variety of creative features, such as formant shift, and stereo expansion, in addition to making the music sound more in tune. Moreover, it is fast, it is simple, and it is free to use.

There are occasions when it takes a number of hours and hours until the timing and the pitch are just correct. That indicates that you had other options for how you might have been spending your time, but you chose to waste it instead. However, MAutoPitch download has simplified the workflow of a great number of music producers by automating a significant portion of the EQ using their collection of presets and panning. When it comes to adding effects to your channels, MAutoPitch is one of the greatest free software that you can find.

People are able to change a reference point on a graph using a one-of-a-kind morphing interface, which makes it possible for them to make all of the application’s modifications alone. This can be done by changing each of the knobs and sliders separately. Users need to be aware that the MAutoPitch plugin can only be obtained in its packaged form by purchasing either the MFreeEffectsBundle or the MtotalBundle from the same developer.

MAutoPitch’s UI resembles analog devices’ control panels. Users may customize the interface using sliders, knobs, or buttons and a library of preconfigured themes. Almost all interface features may be adjusted, including colors and text size.


Many music producers search for pitch-changing software or pitch-correct tools and wind up spending thousands of dollars on new VST and plugins. MAutoPitch is an excellent and free alternative to autotune software.

Features and Highlights

  • Up to 8 channels surround the processing
  • Advance and highly customizable interface
  • Very fast, optimized for SSE and SSE2 processors.
  • Automated
  • No Internet access required
  • MIDI controllers with MIDI learn
  • Safety limiter


This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system which is developed and distributed by MeldaProduction. All company names, product names, registered trademarks, and logos are the property of their respective owners.


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