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April 27th, 2022
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GS Auto Clicker is a mouse click automation tool that automatically clicks your mouse instead of your hand. GS Auto Clicker download allows you to set multiple click patterns. It lets you save time by not having to click your mouse over and over again.

Automate repetitive mouse clicks

GS Auto Clicker can help you better organize your daily work by cutting out the need to manually click your mouse over and over again. Make your own mouse click routines with this app, and then just press a button to keep doing them over and over again. A few mouse clicks on a single part of the screen could be all it takes to start these routines. They could also involve making complicated mouse clicks over and over again on all of your active desktop space.

User-friendly and Clean Interface

GS Auto Clicker is a simple windows application and it has a very simple and clean interface. The app’s main window is comprised of a huge button with a message instructing users to hit the F8 key on their keyboard in order to enable mouse click functionality. While the default key to start clicking is F8, you can simply change it to a hotkey of your own by pressing the F8 key. In addition, GS Auto Clicker has a ‘Help‘ section that provides solutions to the majority of issues that users may have when using the application.

Set the clicking pattern and the timing of clicks

The choice area may assist you in better defining the frequency of your clicks as well as recording the region in which your clicks occur. However, although the GS Auto Clicker allows you to double-click on a specific location, it does not allow you to accurately manage the timing of all of your clicks at the same time. GS Auto clicker download has two modes of operation. Either it can execute all of the recorded clicks at lightning speed, or it can slow down the frequency of clicks to the amount you choose.

GS Auto Clicker for Gamers

GS Auto Clicker has a number of innovative features that have been specifically created for gamers. It is possible to use the program to generate a series of mouse click sequences that can be executed with a single click of the mouse button. Additional features include the ability to create several hotkeys, utilize the click function to input commonly used wordsrecord an entire mouse click routine and add repeating phrases as needed.

What is GS Auto Clicker?

GS Auto Clicker download is an automatic mouse clicker software that allows you to set multiple click patterns to which are needed to be run over and over again.

If you wish to tap on numerous regions of the screen in a certain sequence, you may instruct the program to record the full input so that it can be played back at a later time as necessary. This allows the tool to be used to perform a whole chain of ‘events’ from a single location. This function is quite handy for gamers, but it may also be used by programmers and coders who are doing repeated operations in order to save time.

How to download GS Auto Clicker?

GS auto clicker is a really lightweight application that is less than 1MB. You can download GS auto clicker easily with We have provided you with a safe and testified version of GS Auto Clicker Download against malware. Since GS Auto Clicker doesn’t actually require installation you can just download the application and run it. Also when you want to remove the application you can just delete the executable.

How to use GS Auto Clicker?

GS Auto Clicker comes with a really simple main window that has two big buttons. One says “Press F8 to click” and the other one says “Help”.

How to automate multiple clicks with GS Auto Clicker?

  • Click on the option on top of the window.
  • Then select Recording->Multiple Clicks. It will open a window for you.
  • Then check the check box that says “Record and Replay Multiple Clicks”.Then you can add clicking areas
  • To set clicks, select the spot you want to click and click on “Pick Point”. You can set several clicks by repeating this.
  • Type how many click records you want in the text box. (How many iterations do you need)
  • Then hit “OK” and press “F8”.It will automatically start to click them.

You can set what needs to be done after the click is complete (for example lock your computer, Log off the computer, Turn off your computer) by navigating Operation->Settings->Other.

By navigating Operation->Clicking->Repeat you can set Repeat times(how many iterations) and Repeat interval.


GS Auto Clicker is a task automation program that saves you the time and effort of continually clicking on the computer screen. though it is not a perfect substitute for a mouse, it is useful for a variety of activities. Also, it contains some advanced features for Gamers.


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